How to Write a Vignette

How to Write a Vignette: Tips, Techniques, and Examples

A Special Report for all Copy and Creative Writers. Over 3,600 words.

A perfect way to learn not one, not two, but FIVE methods to get creative right away and write the kind of vignette to liberate your imagination from its every-day limitations and shackles.

Each chapter comes with a clear description of the technique and an example.

A "vignette" is a small slice of life, capturing a moment in its vivid freshness without necessarily connecting with any other idea, chapter, or narrative. A well-written blog or diary entry can also be an example of a vignette.

A vignette stands on its own like an individual piece of chocolate in a box of chocolates, each looking pretty and irresistible in its own tiny compartment.

In a way, a "vignette" is similar to "flash fiction" but there is a lot of drama packed into the latter. A flash fiction is a sharp explosive moment with great dramatic import squeezed into just a few pages.

A vignette, on the other hand, does not need to carry that kid of dramatic weight. It's a free-floating but honest and very personal meditation about anything significant that floats to the surface of your consciousness. Lilies floating on the surface of a pond come to mind.

The main chapters include:

> Introduction
> How to Write Vignette Examples
> How to Draw a Cluster Diagram
> How to Write a Personal Vignette by Drawing Up a List
> How to Write a Vignette from a Photo
> How to Write a Vignette with the Action-Reaction Method
> How to Write a Vignette as a One-Scene Play

Start writing your first vignette within minutes and see what fun releasing your creative energy can be!

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